40” Tow-behind Dethatcher | DT-40BH

(20) 3/16″ diameter, triple coil strength spring tines
Small footprint with 40″ working width provides easy access through tighter areas
Single ergonomic lever is easily engaged from tractor seat
3 operating modes (Dethatch, Scarify & Transport) delivers the right height for the job
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Reputami Widget for DT-40BH – 40” Tow-behind Dethatcher

The layer of organic material that lies between the surface of your lawn and the soil is known as thatch. Some thatch can be beneficial to protecting the roots, but more than about a half of an inch can literally suffocate your lawn, preventing rain, air, and fertilizer from reaching the soil.

If your lawn has excessive thatch buildup, Brinly’s 40” Tow-Behind Dethatcher is the tool for the job. Perfect for small to medium-sized lots, this premium attachment uses 20 flexible spring steel tines to gently comb thatch to the surface where it can be mulched or collected. Choose the Dethatching mode for light dethatching every time you mow, or select the more aggressive Scarify mode for more intensive dethatching action. Also, conveniently accessible from the driver’s seat is the wheel engagement lever, which activates the 6” x 1.5” transport wheels for crossing sidewalks and other paved areas.


Heat-Treated Plugs

40″ Working Width

Our 40” dethatcher gently combs away dead grass, roots and other lawn debris to the surface, so water, air and nutrients penetrate to the root system.

Weight Tray

Triple-Coil Strength

The (20) 3/16″ diameter triple coil strength spring steel tines guarantee maximum efficiency, durability and thatch removal.

3 Rotating Sections

Three Operating Modes

The 3 operating modes (Dethatch, Scarify & Transport) delivers the right height for the job, whether dethatching, scarifying or crossing walks.

Universal Hitch

Weight Tray

The heavy-duty steel tine tray design provides maximum durability and holds additional weight when necessary.

Transport Lever

Two Rows of Tines

The two rows of independently flexing tines remove dead grass and roots (thatch), opening your root system to water and nutrients.


(20) 3/16″

Operating Modes
Dethatch, Scarify, Transport

Working Width

Dimensions (L x W x H)
40″ x 40″ x 33″

Tray Capacity
70 lb

6” x 1.5”

Ship Weight
32 lbs
* All product information specified in the above chart is held as approximate.


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