125 lb. Tow Spreader | BS-26BH

Brinly’s BS-26BH tow-behind broadcast spreader
Minimizes the number of material refills and will not dent or rust
High-speed, 6:1 glass filled nylon gears provide the widest spread pattern at the slowest speeds
Easy-to-reach calibration controls with setting lock dial and factory calibrated settings
Assembles in less than 30 minutes making the most of your time in the yard
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Reputami Widget for BS-26BH – 125 lb. Capacity Tow Spreader

Brinly’s BS-26BH tow-behind broadcast spreader makes it easy to attain a dense, green yard. Its large rust-proof polyethylene hopper holds 2.5 cubic feet (125 lbs.) of material, making it ideal for homeowners with lawns ½ acre and larger. Use your spreader every season of the year to apply grass seed, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, even sand and ice melting agents.

Regular lawn feeding, weed control, overseeding and pest elimination help keep your lawn healthy, vibrant and growing strong. Regular fertilization, annual seeding and eliminating harmful insects allows your lawn’s root system to grow thicker, crowding out opportunistic weeds and giving it the resilience it needs to survive the stresses of heat, drought and foot traffic.

The tubular steel frame, powder-coat finish, enclosed nylon gears and stainless steel interior hardware prevent rust and corrosion. The patented Directional Spread Pattern Control feature allows the user to adjust for different particle sizes and weights, providing uniform coverage for a beautiful stripe-free lawn. Like it’s larger brother the BS36BH broadcast spreader, the BS-26BH uses our Autoflow™ design to automatically stop the flow of material when you stop your mower, eliminating waste and turf burn from overapplication.


Steel Trailer Tongue

Universal Attachment

Single pin hook up to most any tractor or riding mower, and to many ZTR mowers.



Our versatile, tow-behind spreader is great for spreading grass seed, fertilizer, even ice melt and salt.

125 lb. Capacity Hopper

125 lb. Capacity Hopper

The 125 lb. capacity polyethylene hopper for lawns up ½ acre and larger minimizes the number of material refills and will not dent or rust.

Directional Spread Pattern

Directional Spread Pattern

Patented Directional Spread pattern control guarantees even spread patterns with all materials and at widest possible spread widths.

Fully Enclosed Gearbox

Fully Enclosed Gearbox

Fully enclosed gearbox and stainless steel interior hardware, shaft and agitator eliminates down time and prevents corrosion.

Easy Calibration Settings

Easy Calibration Settings

The easy-to-reach calibration controls with setting lock dial and calibrated settings expedites your time spreading your lawn and ensures accuracy.


125 lb. or 2.5 cu ft

Spread Material
Seed, Fertilizer, Lime, Ice-Melt

Spread Width
8′ to 12′

Dimensions (L x W x H)
43″ x 29″ x 30.75″

Gear Ratio
6:1; glass-filled; enclosed

13″ x 5″

Ship Weight
45.5 lbs
* All product information specified in the above chart is held as approximate.


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