ZTR Owners: We need your feedback!

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8 thoughts on “ZTR Owners: We need your feedback!”

  1. I purchased your spreader aerator last fall from Home Depot after much research and put it to the test right away and have been satisfied already this spring with the results.Can you suggest the setting for crabgrass preventer since I will be putting down Scott’s in the month of April

  2. I purchased sts-426 LXH lawn sweeper and was very impressed on how well it was made,didn’t take long to put together,good instructions.

  3. Just want to let you know that your products have been fantastic for my residential applications. I was skeptical about the pull-behind plug aerator that I purchased (Brinly of course). However, the results exceeded my expectations!

  4. Bought the 40″ plug aerator last year it is awesome. Paid for itself already simple to use does a great job. Looking into dethatcher next.

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