Brinly-Hardy's History


Brinly contracted with Belknap Hardware of Louisville, Kentucky for his steel supply and began manufacturing his plows for sale to the general public.


With demand outpacing the productive ability of his facility in Simpsonville, Kentucky, Brinly moved to Louisville to form a partnership with J.E. Hardy and A.D. Miles.


After Mr. Miles’ share of the partnership is purchased by Mr. Hardy, the company is incorporated as Brinly-Hardy Company, and continues to manufacture an extensive line of plows and other implements.


Brinly-Hardy Company, now offering a broad line of tillage equipment, celebrates 100 years since the first Brinly plow was offered to the general public.


Brinly products get a facelift; their distinctive white color is unlike anything else on the market. Products from this era continue to be collected and restored by vintage tractor enthusiasts around the world.


President Carter’s Soviet grain embargo shakes the agricultural industry to its core. Brinly-Hardy adjusts, shifting its focus to accommodate the burgeoning residential lawn care market while maintaining its position as the leading provider of tillage equipment.


Brinly-Hardy acquires a spacious 17-acre property located just minutes from downtown Louisville in Jeffersonville, Indiana that includes a state of the art research and development facility. Their former location on Main Street is rebuilt to become Louisville Slugger Field.


With an ever-expanding product line, Brinly-Hardy continues to provide innovative, high-quality products that are designed and manufactured in-house at their headquarters in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

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