Healthy Lawn Tips

Our Healthy Lawn tips are just that; tips, tricks and techniques for achieving the lawn of your dreams. You’ll also find several handy how-to’s and other useful information about lawns and gardens. Please select from the following tip categories:

Step 1: Dethatch
healthy lawn tips dethatch
Step 2: Sweep
healthy lawn tips sweep
Step 3: Aerate
healthy lawn tips aerate
Step 4: Spread
healthy lawn tips spread

Other Lawn Tips

Starting a new lawn, just like any other landscaping or gardening project, starts with proper preparation. Indeed, preparing the soil prior to seeding not only yields better results, but it helps make the most of your time and money. Read More


Tips on aerating your lawnDownload (79 KB)
Removing Lawn ThatchDownload (77 KB)
Sweeping Up Lawn DebrisDownload (58 KB)
Seeding and Feeding your LawnDownload (158 KB)
Preparing Your SoilDownload (62 KB)
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