Brinly Ground Engaging Implements

Our heavy-duty steel ground engaging implements let you move gravel, sand, snow, or soil with little effort. Heavy center-mounted, square channel steel frames mean these tools will last, year after year. Legendary Brinly performance-driven products that you can rely on.

Built for self-sufficient, hard-working homeowners, our landscaping and gardening implements provide long-term strength and durability. Whether you’re leveling your back yard, spreading topsoil or gravel, backfilling holes, plowing, cultivating, or discing, Brinly’s ground engaging sleeve hitch attachments get the job done efficiently. Our lineup of tow-behind tractor attachments provides real benefits to those do-it-yourselfers that get satisfaction out of a job well done.

Brinly-Hardy moldboard plow tractor implement

Moldboard Plow - PP-51BH

  • 10” moldboard steel plow carves out ground paving the way to disc and cultivate garden soil
  • 1/4” solid steel plowshare provides long lasting durability for the toughest soil cutting
  • Adjustable cut width from 8" to 10" provides versatility for narrow or wider furrows
Brinly-Hardy disc harrow tractor implement

Disc Harrow - DD-55BH

  • (8) 11” steel discs turn rough, plowed ground into uniform, plant-ready soil
  • Multiple disc setting angles (10°, 15° or 20°) deliver the proper force
  • Adjustable working width from 29" to 39" accommodates gardens of various sizes
Brinly-Hardy cultivator tractor implement

Cultivator - CC-56BH

  • (7) 1/4" steel rigid shanks gently remove weeds and loosen soil
  • C-shape shanks work their way to the ground quicker and vibrate to more efficiently loosen soil
  • Adjustable working width from 18” to 40” accommodates gardens of various sizes
Brinly-Hardy box scraper tractor implement

Box Scraper - BS-38BH

  • 38" working width attaches to garden tractors and is easily maneuvered through tight spaces
  • Convert to a rear blade by removing side plates and scarifier bar for a versatile 2-in-1 product
  • Box scraper/blade design provides multi-use functionality
Brinly-Hardy rear blade tractor implement

Rear Blade - BB-56BH

  • Compact 42" rear blade size is ideal for many grading or backfilling projects
  • Unique versatile angle and lock design for easy 30° left or right blade direction
  • Heavy-duty carbon steel construction provides maximum strength and durability
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