Brinly Tow-behind Lawn and Garden Sprayer Video

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If you apply liquid fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides around your home, the Brinly 25-gallon tow-behind lawn and garden sprayer is worth a closer look. Effortlessly toggle the power switch without leaving your seat, or utilize the 12’ hand sprayer to easily apply chemical in otherwise hard-to-reach places.

The Brinly lawn and garden sprayer attaches to any riding mower or ATV in seconds. The 10.5” fully pneumatic tires produce a smooth and stable ride for consistent spray coverage. The large opening in the high-density polyethylene tank makes mixing a breeze, while the removable drain cap makes quick work of leftover mixtures. Swing out the boom to engage the twin Ultra Lo-Drift™ nozzles’ 90” spray width during operation, then collapse for storage or passage through narrow gates. Pump performance provides a reliable 1.8 gallons per minute at 60 psi.

For more information on the Brinly 25 gallon tow-behind lawn and garden sprayer, visit the ST-25BH product page

Tow-behind lawn and garden sprayer

Author: Brad Turner

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