Dethatcher Attachment for Lawn Sweepers: Tackle 2 Tasks in 1 Pass

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Dethatching Attachment for Sports TurfFor athletes, preparing for football season doesn’t begin at the end of summer, it begins with spring training camp. Similarly, preparing your spring lawn doesn’t begin in spring, it begins in the fall. Thankfully for many of us, fantasy football doesn’t require the same level of dedication as real football. So for us fantasy football types, we built a heavy-duty dethatcher attachment for lawn sweepers – to do more work, with less effort, in less time.

Our best-selling STS-42LXH lawn sweeper was the obvious starting point for development of this kit. Its six-brush design offers best-in-class material pickup which, coupled with its high capacity and patented self-storing feature, makes it the most efficient sweeper on the market. Adding the DK-42LX dethatcher kit saves time, money, and storage space versus purchasing a standalone dethatching attachment.

Dethatcher Attachment Kit for SweepersWith a working width of 42”, the dethatcher kit and sweeper combination will sweep and dethatch in less than half the time that would be needed using a 40” dethatcher followed by a sweeper. We’ve also incorporated a transportation mode that allows the user to flip up the tines for sweep-only mode or for crossing paved areas without damaging the tines. There is no need to install and remove again and again as with other kits; simply flip the lever to retract the tines and then continue sweeping.

The kit’s 24 steel tines are arranged in two offset rows for optimum thatch pickup. Other kits on the market use a single row of tines, which require more passes for stubborn sections of heavily thatched lawn. We’ve found that in these areas the first row of tines begins to loosen the material and that it’s the second layer of tines, making contact from a different angle, that ultimately lifts the thatch from beneath the lawn’s surface to be swept up.

The multi-tasking capability of the Brinly 42” lawn sweeper plus Dethatcher Kit makes rakeless autumn cleanup a one-and-done procedure. American-made Brinly build quality, backed by a 2 year warranty and 175 years of pride.

Dethatcher Attachment Kit – Order it from our Parts Store now for only $79

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