[VIDEO] How to Assemble the Brinly STS-427LXH Tow-behind Lawn Sweeper

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In our ever-continuing effort to bring you the best product support in the industry, we’ve posted another assembly video to our YouTube Channel. The newly redesigned STS-427LXH 42″ tow-behind lawn sweeper is our latest target. The STS-427LXH’s most distinguishing feature is the side-mounted Twist-Lock Height Adjustment. Differing from the previous iteration’s center-mounted height adjustment, the “427” makes accessing the height adjustment lever easier by moving it out and away from the tow bar. The all-new Twist-Lock knob also prevents the lever from being jarred loose over bumpy terrain, securing tightly on one of the 10 settings which range from short grass to thick leaves. Effective for collecting both wet and dry grass clippings, the Brinly 42″ tow-behind lawn sweeper can be used virtually all year long.  >>More Information

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Brinly-Hardy Comes Home – Louisville Slugger Field

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Brinly-Hardy Comes Home

To celebrate this monumental anniversary, we will be hosting an event at Louisville Slugger Field tomorrow during the Bats’ home game against the Pawtucket Red Sox. The field’s location in downtown Louisville is particularly sentimental to us, having operated there for nearly 140 years before moving just across the Ohio River to our new headquarters Jeffersonville, Indiana. When Bats fans enter the stadium, they enter through the “train shed” building, once the Brinly-Hardy warehouse, which was preserved and incorporated into the design of the stadium. As such, we’re proud to call the event “Brinly-Hardy Comes Home,” representing our journey coming full circle–honoring our roots and celebrating our growth. We would like to thank you all for the parts you’ve played in our continued success, and look forward with great hope and excitement for the next 175 years.


Brinly-Hardy 175 Limited Edition Cart

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Lawn Fertilizer 101

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Lawn Fertilizer 101

As the snow begins to melt and the daytime temperatures creep higher and higher, we start to feel that familiar anxiousness deep inside of us.  Spring is just around the corner.  The feeling is so real we can almost feel the sun on our skin.  We can almost hear the birds begin to sing again.  We can almost see the vibrant colors of life and smell the scents of spring flowers.  It’s there; we can sense it, even before it happens.

In appreciation of the coming greenup of spring, we thought it would be fitting to create a clear and concise resource covering the art and science of fertilization.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Continue reading

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Spyker Handheld Spreader: Now available online

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Spyker Handheld Spreader spreading Ice Melt

The Spyker Handheld Spreader is perfect for de-icing sidewalks, stairs, driveways and other paved areas that could become slip hazards in winter weather. Its rotary broadcast design allows the user to spread ice melt more evenly compared to spreading by hand or shaking from a jug, saving material and money. Adjust the flow rate by simply rotating the knob on the back of the unit, pull the trigger and go! Keep corrosive ice melting chemicals off your hands in winter, then rinse and use for overseeding and fertilizing in the spring and fall.

Spyker Parts Store Handheld Spreader

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