The Driving Force Behind BrinlyU

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BrinlyU LogoThe driving force behind creating BrinlyU was to create a medium to interact with people who enjoy making their lawns and gardens beautiful and that can appreciate high-quality, American-made products.  To create a two-way communication channel for us to pass along information that’s valuable to you, and in doing so, come away with a better idea of how to develop the next generation of lawn and garden products.  Your tweaks, your frustrations, your “what-if’s”­–those are the things we want to hear about!

Whether it’s an idea for an how-to article, a minor modification, or a whole new product, we want your feedback.  You can reach us on Facebook (Brinly-Hardy Co. and Brinly Lawn & Garden Attachments), Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

Periodically, we’ll also update the Survey page to ask specific questions that will help us get a better idea of what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better.  We may even give away free products (like this 40” dethatcher) in return for taking the time to respond.
BrinlyU Logo

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Summertime Lawn Survival: How to Maintain your Grass this Summer

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Maintain lawn summer

For a lawn, surviving the summer is no small task.  The sun is scorching, water is scarce, and weeds and bugs attack from all sides.  Deliberate summer lawn upkeep is the only line of defense you have against a crispy brown eyesore.

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Brinly Tow-behind Lawn and Garden Sprayer Video

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If you apply liquid fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides around your home, the Brinly 25-gallon tow-behind lawn and garden sprayer is worth a closer look. Continue reading

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Moldboard Plow 101

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Old Brinly PlowThere are few inventions that have been as impactful on the human race as the moldboard plow.   The efficiency it afforded allowed early farmers to cultivate larger areas and the improved drainage ability enabled them to plant crops earlier even in snow-covered regions.  Earlier plowing devices consisted of merely a vertical cutting blade that cultivated narrow rows.  The moldboard plow’s introduction of a horizontal cutting blade and rotation-inducing moldboard enabled complete soil turnover, effectively burying the prior year’s crop remains and bringing fresh nutrients to the surface. Continue reading

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