Lawn Maintenance Schedule

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Lawn Care Infographic

Use this lawn maintenance schedule to properly time your lawn care applications for a greener, healthier lawn.

Lawn Maintenance Schedule
Application Details
SA-40BH | AS-40BH | PA-40BH
PA-48BH | SAT-40BHBrinly Aerators
Aerate in the SpringAerate in the Fall
How often a lawn needs to be aerated depends on the type of soil. 1 x per year for sandy soil (Spring or Fall) or 2 x per year for clay-based soil (Spring & Fall). The ground needs to be wet, but not saturated.

Utility Carts:
Poly Cart
Use the cart in the SpringUse the cart in the FallUtility cart in the Winter
Ideal for all season use. The 650 lb. capacity not enough? Use the 850 lb. capacity 17 cu. ft. cart for those larger projects or yards.

DT-40BH | DT-48BH
Brinly Dethatcher
Dethatch in the SpringDethatch in the Fall
Thatch in excess of a half inch should be removed. Dethatching should only be done when your lawn can best recover—not during the summer months. For most lawns, thatching should be done in late spring and early fall.

Lawn Vac System:
Brinly-Hardy Lawn Vacuum
Use for lawn cleanup to provide quick removal of leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other small debris. Best time for use is in the Spring and/or Fall.

Lawn Rollers
Roll in the Spring
Roll in spring to remove frost heave and pack down new grass seed (summer) and roll in fall to rid the yard of mole damage. Best results are when the ground is wet, but not saturated.

Brinly-Hardy Sprayer
Most lawns require fertilization about twice a year. Materials should be applied in late May or mid-June and August or mid-October. Plants and trees can be watered year round; weather-permitting. Weed control is used as needed.

BS-26BH | BS-36BH
Broadcast Spreader
Most lawns require fertilization about twice a year. Materials should be applied in late May or mid-June and August or mid-October. Ice melt to be used in winter as needed.

Brinly Lawn Sweeper
Lawn Maintenance Schedule
Sweepers provide quick clean removal of twigs, leaves, and other small debris. Best time for use is in the fall or after a storm or strong winds when there could be large amounts of leaves or debris.

5 Responses to Lawn Maintenance Schedule

  1. Ryan says:

    Brinly is hands down the best, Thanks for sticking around all these years!!

  2. Adams says:

    Thanks for having the Aerator-Spreader owners / operators manual and parts list online. I appreciate the setting charts. Sincerely, Adams

  3. Bob says:

    On my yard, I have to use a walk behind spreader, and I can’t easily follow my fertilizer, liming, and top dressing schedule when my tool won’t spread evenly or tears up. After thrashing & trashing four big box store broadcast spreaders over about five years I said enough! I’m getting the best full featured spreader for a residential size yard I can find. That is the Spyker P20-9010 with attachments. For what I’ve spent on poor quality, I could have had two of these, one for the back yard … for me, … and one for the steep front yard … for my son :)

    • Brinly Hardy says:

      I hate that it cost you four spreaders to realize it, but it’s good to hear you’re making the switch! Actually we’re seeing a lot more homeowners registering spreaders on recently, I imagine because they’ve had experiences like yours. Thanks for your support and taking the time to write!

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