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Thirteen Summer Lawn Care Quick-tips

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1. When in doubt, raise the cutting deck. 2. A shallow watering is worse than no water at all. 3. Don’t try to “water it back to life” – if it goes dormant, leave it. 4. Mulching > bagging 5. … Continue reading

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VIDEO – How to Assemble the SAT-40BH Spike Aerator by Brinly

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In this edition of our video assembly guide series, we focus on the SAT-40BH Spike Aerator. Big brother to the economical SA-40BH, the “SAT” rolls happily across sidewalks and driveways, just waiting for its transport lever to be thrown so … Continue reading

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Autumn Lawn Care Tips – Preparing for Spring Success

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“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Confucius Autumn is the time to prepare for a beautiful springtime lawn.  Quite often, by March or April it is too late.  In order to … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Use a Lawn and Garden Trailer Sprayer

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With a built-in hand sprayer for spot spraying and boom-mounted nozzles for blanket coverage, a tow-behind trailer sprayer is an incredibly versatile tool. Balancing capacity and maneuverability, it’s able to cover large areas that wouldn’t be possible using only a … Continue reading

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