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Homeowner How-to: Aerating and Overseeding

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Author: Shawn Thomas Determine the Need for Lawn Aeration If you have noticed that your turf grass isn’t looking its best or that water has difficulty penetrating through the soil surface, it may be time to aerate your lawn. Clay … Continue reading

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Thirteen Summer Lawn Care Quick-tips

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1. When in doubt, raise the cutting deck. 2. A shallow watering is worse than no water at all. 3. Don’t try to “water it back to life” – if it goes dormant, leave it. 4. Mulching > bagging 5. … Continue reading

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VIDEO – How to Assemble the SAT-40BH Spike Aerator by Brinly

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In this edition of our video assembly guide series, we focus on the SAT-40BH Spike Aerator. Big brother to the economical SA-40BH, the “SAT” rolls happily across sidewalks and driveways, just waiting for its transport lever to be thrown so … Continue reading

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Annual Lawn Equipment Maintenance Checklist: Get Ready for Spring

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Warm weather is on the way! Time to knock the dust off the lawn equipment that’s been sitting in storage waiting for the seasons to change. Hopefully everything was stored properly in the fall, otherwise we might have a chore … Continue reading

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