Happy 4th of July

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Proud to still be American-Made! Have a happy and safe Independence Day!
#4thofjuly #madeinusa

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2016 Brinly Company Picnic

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Brinly-Hardy Company’s annual team member appreciation day culminated in a relaxing afternoon of delicious food, fun games, and lots of prizes. To celebrate the hard work and successes of the past year, Brinly-Hardy dedicates a full day each summer to say thank you to all of its employees. This year’s festivities included: fun prize giveaway’s. Safety team painting contest, Sports team tug of war, Basketball, volleyball and musical chairs.

Prize drawings for Brinly attachments, gift cards, vacation days, and other treasures were being announced periodically throughout the picnic on Friday. The week was a great success to see everyone enjoy each other’s company and unwind a little bit. It’s a great reminder that each member of the team plays a part in the success of the organization as a whole.

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175 One last time………

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Brinly PCT_175LTDWe celebrated our 175th Anniversary to reflect on our story. One of innovation and reinvention. From the first horse-drawn steel plow in the early 1800’s, to the iconic tractor implements of the 60’s, and to our current line of lawn and turf care equipment today, our products have evolved with the American way of life.
We introduced the 175 LTD, our 175th Anniversary Carta. Only manufacturing 500 to sell. This commemorative polyethylene cart, featured Brinly’s Ergonomic Foot Pedal Release, Pneumatic Turf Tread Tires, and a Nylon Anniversary Cart Cover. Every cart came with an exclusive, American-made, Brinly-Hardy Co., Stars and Stripes baseball cap!
One last time…… Order NOW!!! Your Collector’s Edition Cart for $175 while they last.

Universal Hitch:
Steel trailer tongue with universal hitch pin design easily attaches to lawn tractors, ATV’s and UTV’s for use around the house, farm or other rugged ground.

Turf Tread Tires:
New heavy-duty 13″ x 4″ pneumatic castle tread tires are rugged enough for frequent hauling use, yet provide a stable, smooth ride through the yard.

Foot Pedal:
Hands-free steel dump pedal release located on the trailer tongue provides quick release to empty bed contents, and locks back into trailering position when not emptying.
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Perfect for Spring The Brinly 25 Gallon Tow-behind Lawn Sprayer ST-25BH

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Applying liquid lawn fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides and more becomes infinitely easier and much more consistent using a Brinly Sprayer. The tank, tubing, valves, powder-coated steel frame and other components are built to withstand the corrosive properties of lawn and garden chemicals for lasting durability.

The ST-25BH sprayer designed to be supremely versatile. Applying liquids to tall trees and large bushes is simple thanks to the 12-foot hand sprayer. Its collapsible swing-away booms and in-line mounted tank design provide easy maneuvering through lawn and garden gates, around retaining walls, asymmetrical trees and other tight areas. Then swing out the sprayer booms to reach their full 90″ spray width to cover large areas quickly. The Ultra Lo-Drift™ spray tips provide the best accuracy for both contact and systemic weed control with minimal wind drift. And since the easy on – off switch is mounted on the lawn tractor, you keep the power conveniently at your fingertips.


  • Steel Frame: The heavy-duty 2 piece steel frame with powder-coated finish and non-corrosive tanks, tubes, and valves withstand lawn and garden herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Ultra Lo-Drift™ Spray: Ultra Lo-Drift™ spray tips provide the best accuracy and durability for contact and systemic weed kill with minimal wind drift.
  • Collapsible Booms: The collapsible swing-away booms and in-line mounted tank design provides easy maneuvering through lawn and garden gates, around retaining walls and other tight areas.
  • 25 Gallon Capacity: The heavy-duty 25 gallon poly tank minimizes refilling and will not dent or rust.
  • Spray Hose: The 12’ spray hose with ergonomic thumb control spray gun and adjustable nozzle provides access to hard to reach areas and convenience.
  • 12 Volt Pump: Our sprayer features a 12 volt pump with a tractor-mounted on/off switch for easier, safer operation.
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