40" Spike Aerator (SA-40BH)

Compacted soil results in thatch buildup and reduces the amount of water and nutrients your grass receives. If your lawn experiences moderate foot traffic, suffers from a thatch layer of more than ½ inch, or if you have heavy clay soil, you may need to aerate. Aerating your lawn with Brinly’s 40” Tow-Behind Spike Aerator loosens soil and permits seed, fertilizer and water to reach roots.

Our durable, heavy-duty aerator features 10 galvanized steel stars that perforate the soil up to 2” deep. Each 8” diameter star rotates independently and continues revolving during tractor turns, resulting in fewer passes due to missed areas. The 14 gauge steel, 110 lb. capacity weight tray allows for additional weight to be added for maximum penetration in hard soil.

The more you spike aerate, the better your lawn looks and feels. Brinly aerators offer homeowners durable, high performance and affordable ways to aerate any size lawn, all from the comfort of your lawn tractor.

Brinly tow behind spike aerator


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spike aerator steel tine stars

8" diameter tine stars with 12 spike tips
spike aerator steel weight tray

Rigid weight tray
Brinly lawn and garden attachments universal hitch pin

Steel trailer tongue with universal hitch pin design
spike aerator galvanized steel tine stars

Galvanized steel tine spikes
Brinly spike aerator weight tray openings

Tray opening cutouts
Brinly spike aerator tine spacers

Heavy-duty nylon spacers
penetrate soil to 2" depth allowing air, water and nutrients to enter your lawns root system.
provides durability and support for additional tray weights.
attaches to lawn tractors for effortless aeration projects.
inhibit rust providing long lasting durability.
provide quick access for washing and servicing tines.
deliver maximum strength and durability.



Aeration MethodSpike; 120 tine tips

Aeration Depthup to 2" (51 mm)

Working Width40" (1016 mm)

(L x W x H)
28" x 40" x 10.7"
(711 x 1016 x 272 mm)

Tray Capacity110 lbs (50 kg)


Ship Weight27 lbs (12 kg)
Brinly tow behind spike aerator diagram

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Brinly Tow Behind Spreader



Brinly tow behind spike aerator transport feature
Spike Aerator SAT-40BH
Brinly tow aerator spreader attachment
Aerator-Spreader AS-40BH
Brinly tow behind plug aerator
Plug Aerator PA-40BH
Brinly 48 inch tow behind plug aerator
Plug Aerator PA-48BH
Brinly tow spreader attachment
Broadcast Spreader BS-26BH
Brinly tow behind lawn dethatcher
Dethatcher DT-40BH
Brinly tow behind 48 inch dethatcher
Dethatcher DT-48BH
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