DT-48BH - 48” Tow-behind Dethatcher

The best time for dethatching is right before your lawn’s most vigorous growth cycle–late spring from warm-season grasses and early fall for cool-season grasses. Not sure if you need to dethatch? The best way to test your lawn is to use a hand spade to remove a 2-3 inch thick plug from your lawn. If you see more than ½ inch of spongy, brown material been the blades and the topsoil, it’s time to dethatch!

Brinly’s 48” Tow-Behind Dethatcher was designed for dethatching large lawns efficiently. Two rows of flexible tine tips comb the lawn, extracting thatch and depositing it on the surface where it can be mulched by the mower blades or removed using a sweeper or lawn vacuum. The drawbar’s adjustable mounting positions adapt to accommodate all tractor hitch heights. Unique to the DT-48BH is an inline wheel design, which levels the tray so that it follows the contours of the lawn without adding to the overall width of the attachment.

48 inch tow-behind lawn tractor dethatcher
Brinly 48 inch tow tine dethatcher

48" Working Width

Our 48” dethatcher gently combs away dead grass, roots and other lawn debris to the surface, so water, air and nutrients penetrate to the root system.

steel triple coil spring dethatcher tines

Triple-Coil Strength

The (24) 3/16" diameter triple coil strength spring steel tines guarantee maximum efficiency, durability and thatch removal.

lawn dethatcher attachment transport wheels

Inline Wheels

The transport wheels are located behind and in-line with the dethatcher tray to minimize footprint width and facilitate leveling.

heavy-duty steel dethatcher weight tray

Weight Tray

The heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tine tray design provides maximum durability and holds additional weight when necessary.

independent flexing dethatching tines

Two Rows of Tines

The two rows of independently flexing tines remove dead grass and roots (thatch), opening your root system to water and nutrients.

The Build
Tines(24) 3/16" (5 mm) diameter

Operating ModesDethatch

Working Width48" (1219 mm)

(L x W x H)
38" x 48" x 12"
(965 x 1219 x 305 mm)

Tray CapacityNA

Wheels8” x 1.75” (203 x 44 mm)

Ship Weight37 lbs (17 kg)
* All product information specified in the above chart is held as approximate.

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