38" Box Scraper (BS-38BH)

Box scrapers are great all-around tools for landscaping, gardening and yard work. Whether you’re leveling your back yard, removing roots and unwanted organic debris, spreading topsoil or gravel, or backfilling holes, this handy tractor attachment gets the job done efficiently.

The Brinly 38" Box Scraper is actually two very useful tools in one. In addition to having the ability to perform all box scraper tasks, the side plates and scarifier bar can be easily removed to make a Rear Blade, which is ideal for grading, backfilling, or moving dirt, gravel, sand and snow.

Additional weight may be added to the standard weight tray for tougher grading and leveling projects. The heavy, center-mounted, C- frame and durable carbon steel blade guarantees this tool will last project after project, year after year.

Brinly sleeve hitch box scraper attachment

Features and Benefits

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compact sleeve hitch box scraper implement

Compact design with 38" working width
convertible garden tractor box scraper attachment

Convert to a rear blade by removing side plates and scarifier bar
sleeve hitch box scraper rear blade

Box scraper / blade design
garden tractor box scraper weight tray

Standard weight tray holds additional weight
heavy-duty carbon steel box scraper

Heavy-duty center-mounted C-frame and carbon steel blade
locking box scraper rear blade attachment

Scraper / blade angles and locks 30° in either direction
attaches to garden tractors and is easily maneuvered through tight spaces.
for a versatile 2nONE product.
provides multi-use functionality for grading, backfilling, and moving dirt, gravel, sand and snow.
for faster job completion with tougher grading and leveling projects.
guarantees durability project after project, year after year.
for pushing instead of pulling.

Specifications and Documents


AttachmentSleeve Hitch

Blade Size38" (965 mm)

Blade MaterialHeavy-duty carbon steel

FrameCenter mounted; steel

Working Width38" (965 mm)

(L x W x H)
41" x 38" x 14"
(1041 x 965 x 356 mm)

Ship Weight74 lbs (34 kg)
* All Ground Engaging attachments require a sleeve hitch which can be purchased through a tractor dealer or tractor manufacturer.
Brinly sleeve hitch box scraper diagram

Photos and Videos

Box Scraper Photo1 Box Scraper Photo2 Box Scraper Photo3 Box Scraper Photo4




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