Do more in the yard, in less time

Trusted Since 1839, we’ve been dedicated to providing quality, durable and innovative products. Whatever your project, we have the lawn tools to help.

A healthy, green and vibrant lawn has never been easier. Take the inconvenience out of yard work with Brinly’s lawn and garden attachments. Designed for quicker, easier lawn renovation, you’ll have a healthy lawn in less time.

At Brinly-Hardy, durability is measured in how long our lawn and garden equipment lives. It’s also measured by our longevity as a deeply rooted innovative company. We’re not talking 10 years, or 50 years – we’re talking over 175 years of trust, and design and manufacturing know-how to build quality, long-lasting lawn and garden attachments.

Our commitment to carefully crafting the broadest line of commercial and “Do-It-Yourself” consumer lawn and garden equipment begins with you – what our customers want and need to make them more productive in the yard. From lawn aerators, dethatcher tractor attachments, lawn debris collection systems, lawn rollers, sprayers, seed, fertilizer, snow and ice melt spreaders, utility carts – to our gardening and ground engaging equipment, Brinly products are guaranteed durable.